Welcome to Cosmos.Earth

Hello, world!

Yesterday, an Easter. Today is an Earth Day. And today is a day we launch a new little thing on the world wide web, a blip named Cosmos.Earth.

Yet, where are we on the face of the clock of the world? What time is it? (Could it really be that late?) Who are we, and how did we get here?

In a web of instant communication, why has dialogue suffered so? In a sea of information, why bother being an artist? Why bother creating media?

It is tricky to welcome the Spring, the season symbolizing a “coming back to life”–when all the world is dying.

It is tricky when material wealth concentrates to the point that any movements aside from maintaining the grind become next to impossible, like daily wading through molasses sludge–to an existential breaking point.

It is bewildering when our long-held narratives and institutions begin to fray and topple, like a dying civilization. Yet our intelligence, culture and techne attain unprecedented heights, as though what we dream, we can become.

Prairie Kittin, Gatekeepers on The Road of the Ancients [via Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0]
Prairie Kittin, Gatekeepers on The Road of the Ancients [via Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0]

How could things be getting better and getting worse, simultaneously?

The juxtapositions, these incongruous contrasts, cycle rapidly. It is especially tricky when the clarity between good and evil begins to crumble. In this shadow-laden plain, nothing is clear cut. Like a bad dream, we take an action, but it fails to manifest its expected effect. Some ominous force seems intent to pull us towards a deeper darkness, regardless of how we squirm.

It is hairy. The risks of making wrong decisions now are bigger than ever. Entropy–the total obliteration of information–is like a hot-breathed monster, hot on our tails. One could say all the world is riding on the outcomes. We are thick into the anthropocene by now, an era defined, almost literally, by how humans respond to our situation.

Yet the sheer scale of forces we’ve unlocked, the complexity, make it impossible to know what will become.

So what could Earth Day even mean, on this late 2019 date in the anthropocene? Just another (newly) nearly meaningless holiday? Just another cycle around the sun as our planet slowly unravels to ashes? It is no longer–and perhaps, never was–sufficient to simply remember our love for the Earth and our lives on this day, and take some miniscule symbolic “ecofriendly” action that amounts to a drop of water in an ocean of sewage.

Such gestures have not ever been devotionally or practically adequate. They never were enough to reckon and grapple with the consequences of our grossly destructive (and hyper-creative) behavior on this planet.

Even the modern framing of Earth Day illuminates the underlying idea of our context as an afterthought. To the colonized mind, our living context is best understood as backdrop, mere set dressing, to the grandiose narratives only humankind may sire and cypher.

Perhaps this is why Earth Day, like many norms and pomps of our civilization, is on the verge of meaninglessness.

Which… is where all the meaning is.

Caroline Maniere, La Medecine de la Tortue
Caroline Maniere, La Medecine de la Tortue

It would take a spacious world to hold such tensions. And a resilient one.

Cosmos is the name for a community, a platform, a mindful culture, and, technically, an interlocking set of ethics, principles, and systems that manifests in multifaceted forms.

Cosmos is so named because we envision an infinite field of conscious interplay, where all our members grow in their creative aspects while remaining in strong relationships with others. We envision planting and growing a culture that expands and enlivens the edges of our discourses. Cosmos is a collective dream for a (re)generative milieu, where our diverse expressions and ways breed resilience. We’d like to believe that we can participate in making this world a more liveable place.

Because there is a sifting, a refining, that occurs, when this world has our full participation. In a lively memetic garden, the strongest roots stick around and the tendrils branching out become even more creative–cross-fertilized by the vibrant activity of its encounters. The truth of what is shared tends to surface, like meeting another’s eyes as though glancing into a mirror, while the vibrancy of the unending creative process dances on, makes love and delights. Outrageous play balanced with deliberate wellbeing. Discipline allowing one to cut loose and set free. Mind jazz.

We may be outgrowing the status quo culture. We are a panoply (a pangaea?) of thoughtful individuals, who are willing to caretake and cultivate our garden, even as we delight in it.

This is a reversal of the status quo culture. We figure our context as foreground. That we are our contexts, and so our environments are at least as paramount as we. We are embodied curators in conversation, and we have the opportunity to discern the patterns that heal and foster conditions for them to spread. We are what we embody, and we only know what we embody.

Jeff Safi, Rhizomatic Tree of Life . . [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]
Jef Safi, Rhizomatic Tree of Life . . [via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

“Being your true self” is never the problem. Mostly, it is the solution.

Cosmos has been long incubating, like a hard, solemn seed. One whose emergence is a perennial mystery. The debut of Cosmos.Earth is like the unfurling of the first sprout, a verdant, coy whisper of the grand possibility that is its path, if conditions prove favorable.

At this gestational stage, what you see is just a sliver tip of an iceberg, a micro breach of a vaster vision. At its apex, the name “Cosmos.Earth” would apply to a robust, customized members’ dashboard home, portal, wallet, and key to all the play and wonder and art and ideas and beings in the Cosmos platform.

But we go one step at a time, using our best knowledge and resources at that time. We iterate, just like an artist, and along the way we unconsciously pick up skills and shear away hindrances, just like a sculptor. We will build what we need as we can for now (and for the here and now), but will take care to align the effort with the “north star” of where we intend to go. As we proceed, as we assess through collaborative, dialogic processes that what we have doesn’t suffice to meet our needs, we will endeavor to adjust accordingly.

If conversation is a lost art, let us let dialogue reign, and share in the abundance that emergent insights yield.

Cosmos.Earth Day is the inaugural day for this content-focused branch of a platform designed to amplify the creative works and voices of the community comprising Cosmos. Stay tuned on the channels here to glimpse what’s blooming in us.

Our good faith players and the evolving game are our greatest promise. Join in the conversation at InfiniteConversations.com. And if you resonate, please join us anytime as a sustaining member at Cosmos.coop.

Yours truly,