What is fractal praxis?

“In a fractal conception, I am a cell-sized unit of the human organism, and I have to use my life to leverage a shift in the system by how I am, as much as with the things I do. This means actually being in my life, and it means bringing my values into my daily decision making. Each day should be lived on purpose.” — adrienne maree brown (via GoodReads)


  • AXIS – an imaginary line about which a body rotates; a fixed reference line for the measurement of coordinates; a straight central part in a structure to which other parts are connected.
  • FRACTAL – a pattern, each part of which has the same fundamental character as the whole.
  • PRAXIS – practice; the embodied form of theory; intersection between theory & action.

“Fractal praxis” is a phrase with great mouthfeel and soul feel.

It is a phrase I came up with to describe something that many others have also come up of their own independent thought. Which is: certain patterns, somewhat like the idea of “archetypes,” are patterns regardless of scale or manifest “form” that they take. In other words, the patterns are “self-same.” As human beings and sentient agents, we can interact with this vibrant “field” of pattern information by recognizing our sentient agency within and power to shape or “wick” results. I can critically and curiously embody the ideas, literally, that I want to grow… and observe the feedback of my immanent experiments.

Liberation is a fractal process–yet it is also a developmental process, meaning it goes through stages that build in complexity/maturity. Perhaps like one of the original fractal shapes in existence: a spiral. In liberation path-walking, one develops to higher and higher orders of wisdom and freedom, yet the heart and soul of the insight is the same. Even if different aspects of manifest nature are revealed to the seeker/seer–a visual notion well expressed in the metaphor of Indra’s Net, the model of the sentient world as a web made of glimmering gems, which, as we witness one another, grows ever brighter and more glorious.

For more on this idea, I recommend this writing by my peers:

I hope and intend to write more soon about the fractal praxis baked into my own recent radical lifestyle transition. How “I have to use my life to leverage a shift in the system by how I am and the things I do,” to paraphrase the quote by the holy adrienne maree brown that opens this piece. For now, I am running between appointments with destiny, as I have been since I moved out of my 2-bedroom apartment and into my camper truck in Denver less than 48 hours ago. (And such activity, shall still take some time to sort out, before this blog could launch in earnest.)

Fractal praxis is the game, fractal axis is the name (of this blog)… mainly because I thought that there are more people in the world who can picture an “axis” more easily than they can imagine “praxis.” Though I’ve noticed the latter word creeping into greater popularity lately, which delights me. I love the word “praxis” for what it means and how it looks and sounds. It represents a concept that was transformational to me to encounter… even though I was already engaged in it, perhaps, the feeling of finding out the word for what has been happening to you often feels like a homecoming.

I also like “axis,” because it suggests the oscillating vibratory movement around an indelible path.

I notice there is a mutual influencing effect, a kind of recursive action, between thought and behavior, and between behavior and thought. It’s as if everything is shaping everything else. Perhaps the common axis is our living sentient unified experience.

So which is it, fractal axis? Or fractal praxis? I’m an abundant type, so I invoke both. They both have great mouthfeel, anyhow. 😉 I also want fractal axis–on the Internet, and in the content and context given in this text–to point to fractal praxis. The implicit inner axis is the dissolving “self” at the center of everything you do. You move in all directions when you move on your center and purpose. Call your own name, and see what arises.

Hope you enjoy! I will continue to iterate posts on this theme, howsoever explicitly or implicitly, on the colorfullest spectrum.

Onward on the tilting spiraling axis, may we discover the center necessary for the whole cosmos to spin.

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