The Time to Do Right By Ourselves

“There is always time for the right work to be accomplished.” – overhead at a social permaculture gathering (source forgotten)

This morning I was working on generating a job description for myself as CEO (at least within the constraints of the “Get Real” phase, between where we are now with Cosmos and a “Level 1″ Cosmos, defined as a minimum viable platform and set of norms/protocols/workflows in our community of users). I naturally began to daydream along with this intended future…

I envisioned myself in a future dedicated Cosmos office, where myself and my executive assistant/project manager would share working space. And I pictured a motto hanging on my wall:



Sidenote: if you know me, you’ll know I love generating concise and handy “slogans” for spiritual and creative purposes–this was today’s. Follow along on my personal blog, fractal axis, if you want more such compact wordplay bites in the future.

I like it because “squander” specifically implies that time, or use of time, is a kind of Power. 

I became reacquainted with the word “squander” in the context of the study and practice of ninjutsu. There, the phrase “squandering your advantage” expresses a common concept, because such life-or-death martial scenarios often boil down to a single instant of squandering one’s physical advantage—whether due to poor form, poor training, a moment of bewilderment or distraction, or any other reason. Practitioners are trained to remain aware of the most advantageous position at all times—which requires a kind of consciousness training. To “squander” advantage is demean oneself, ultimately. 

It’s not about “wasting” time—there will always “be” time.

It’s not about being idle or not — idle time can be well used.

It’s about time well used–time used thoroughly, for well-making means. It’s about how we relate to time: time as the means, time as the matter, time as precious, time as potent, time as worthy of reverence. Our time as worthy of reverence, to be used thoroughly for our individual and collective liberation–anything less would be disrespectful, at best.

Time—and the quality of time we would generate in Cosmos, or “Cosmic time”—is something we ponder thoroughly here. For more of our delvings, check out these conversations…

We are at the brink of our greatest impacts—we are on the edge of history—when we are skillfully utilizing the time and spirit that encompass our beings in this moment. Looking to our likely horizon of compounding ecological, economic and social devastation—like the foreboding rising shadow of a massive Entropy tsunami—we must recognize, no Time, not even a moment, that we are preciously afforded to exist, and with so many advantages, must be squandered. We must work to bring the potential to live together better here to bear. We must work effectively, efficiently and untiringly to bring about our greatest potential form—mutually self-actualizing, mutually caring, networked intelligence, a shining web embracing life and life’s praxis, in which the diversity of ideas and perspectives and expressions–held loosely but strongly through the glue of a high-integrity relational culture/community of practitioners–have the conditions necessary to refine themselves, synthesize, and innovate into progressively more vibrant, livable forms. 

Everything we need to succeed is with us right now–however obscured or disordered. We must act as though we are destined to win. We must not squander the advantage of every moment for advancing integrative, life-enhancing praxis.

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