The universe’s only brink: “I Am…” (so I think)

The only _____________
Barrier framing. Edge.
is how I choose to identify.

Which begets how I choose to see myself
To present myself
To enact myself.

I am and have been averse–mystically so–to some aspects of my existence
And attached to others.
This is the only frame. The only edge, between what is and what is possible.
Nothing to do. But notice this.

(The measure of fame may be public glorification. But it is not the measure of quality. Quality correlates [but less and less so, in a dying, twisted culture] to fame, but is not determined by it.
All these entangled vibrations, really.)

Who are you when you are both the writer and the written?

Who are you when you’re asleep? Awake? Awake awake? When you’re open? When you let your clenchings go and find out you’re more space than stuff (thankfully)?

How expansive, how creative, how wonderful you would be
were you identified as Life the pattern,
as Gaia, Universe, God embodied.

These little selves are vehicles
pointing to
— and if you take the hands off the wheel and start to flow, steering to —
the greater Truth
the core Identity that will become more salient in the future
the differentiated self, so necessary for growth, will become
rewoven in bliss
(true intimacy requires it!)

What you think you are
is Less than you are

a Whole mind is out/in there
waiting to embrace you
and free ourselves