our meaning and its making, an eternal golden braid

Is is to is as was is to was

is a story. Chaining meanings together.

We were built for this.

If i make an accurate prediction now, it’s just a nod and a wink for me.
Why “psychic” is a tongue in cheek label I’ll own and disown, even as I bite my cheek at science’s overconfident dismissal of intuitive knowing ways.

I look for what things mean in my own life.
to what I’m working through/processing.
And I let them mean what they seem.
And everything tends to fall into place.
As if there were a fractal fidelity to pattern
that the particular manifestations betray.

We become transfixed by entertainment & screen media
exactly because we evolved to give stories so much salience in our lives.
Our brains can’t get enough.
Only, we are not free or liberated
when others tell the stories
and we only swallow them.

We get to co-create the story.

Like the give and take, the corrective feedback dance of the original analogy construction
giving us early meaning that is curated over time.*

What if our greatest story, magnetizing all of our attention, was The Story of How We Become Whole?

We are agents, and subjects.
The story, the memes work on us, knead us as we need them,
each being an agent, a subject in the story,
obedient to hir synthesis-point of filtered information.

May we only ever become more masterful agents and subjects
. never objects
. never subjugated
. multipotent
. never incompetent

Note: *This line, and the title of this piece is an homage to a book that has massively influenced my thinking, that I read around age 20-21, Godel Escher Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by the venerable Douglas Hofstadter, about the formation of individual human consciousness, reflexive meaning-making, and self-referencing patterns.

Right around the period I also read Critical Path by R. Buckminster Fuller, who remains one of my primary intellectual ancestors.