Earth as my Witness

Siren-Com [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

What if I could touch you like an earth mudra?

What if you were in fact Earth,
and I’m life, laying my love into your skin?

What if I were Earth,
and my support were just everything you
need all over again?

What if we touched as medicine,
and also didn’t touch as medicine?

Collapse onto me
and test my power to hold you
no matter what.

You are whole and perfect now.

And what if I could help you mend
the fractures in your soul-flesh
you don’t even know are there?

Whole all the same.

Pouring love into you like the queen of cups
filling you so you can pour it into others.
The original regenerative fuel.

You and I will be plenty fine.
But let’s grow our capacity to let love circulate.
It is a counterbalance to hate and scarcity,
though these grow too across the land.

Some wish to enact their brokenness.
I wish for us to enact our wholeness.

To be whole & complete without conflict whatsoever,
in each moment, in each act.
Testifying wholeness,
allaying salve of unity.
Around, perfect.