The Chapter Closed (part 2)

I get to have total acceptance now. It’s beyond yet whole. I’m complete, and this extends in all directions. Past & future. It envelopes all. I’ve come to the end of the book about Caroline Savery, or really: of the utility and need for investing belief-energy into a unique/separate self-idea. That story is done, swallowed into a bigger story. The drama transcends, levels up beyond imagining, when a being submits to a role in consciousness clarifying itself

—-mu like concentric ripples of a drop in water—-

when one drops the separation-based game and embraces mastery —- in the Infinite Game,

all littler games of truth enacting and testing its bounds nested tidily in the whole picture.

I was made for a purpose, and the Elixir at the end reveals itself
in the endless iteration of a holon,
all lessons attainments, properly integrated by the Hero–is the definition of a true hero–
carving pathways to access the Truth Out There.

Like bow and arrow, fly true & hit the mark.
Dissolve the door and pass through.
Mark the page in the book for reference when encountering like pattern again.
But avoid miring in study or hesitation.
Action and reflection, balanced, across the threshhold.
Infinitely equipped.

Infinite ink, infinite quill, and wallless medium, for the Writing.

becoming the whole
becoming the author