Liberation of the Whole (Fractal Praxis Infiltrates)

When the objective phenomena around us
seems to chime in, serendipitously, to our very thoughts
this is the universe in poetry.
It is not that my “fractal praxis” way is more True. What I am acknowledging, however, is radical (roots) and profound (heavens)—bridging them.

I am saying we humans are not the only meaning-makers, in some kind of separated isolation.
I’m saying all beings conspire to meaning-make. It’s poetry, in all directions.

Indeed because: all living creatures, in solidarity, have a stake
(even, in leveraging human minds for this)
in understanding what forces, what patterns, shape the conditions of their survival.

They’re eager to crack the code, climactically,
they’re with us, like the rapture of good art,
because if we do unlock the math + art of this existence, then
survival (of the whole context) will be assured.

This is the breakthrough ecstatic threshold, the flipside of the devastation and harshness to come.

“Waves” by Dmitry Valberg on Flickr

Because in the harshness to come we will encounter the feedback loops of our own conduct.
We will come to accept that karma reigns.
If we would never encounter this self-made suffering,
if we would never reap our consequences of wrong action,
we might never relearn the truth.
That whatever we do, we do to ourselves.
The karma may circulate unevenly, but the energy of the pattern put into being cannot be destroyed.
Its only hope is to be transmuted by conscious wielding.

So… the ordering of the Words of flesh and structure
into ever more complex harmonics is poetry,
meta-poetry, and yes, it’s participative,
because all beings are cognating, all beings co-form (in-form!) the learning.
To align humans with what wants to happen through us [1]Life’s “highest order” i.e. most universal “want” is to increase order, synthesis, complexity: to increase negentropy. More about this, and about how humans are well … Continue reading is to collectively embody the utmost ecstasy, that a million Bach fugues couldn’t compare.

“Paraluna” by on Flickr

The question becomes: Just how much intentionality can we imbue into our lives? Is there a limit? …With proper training, can this intentionality become a world-warping force pervading our presence, preceding our consciousness like a waveform ripple, wherever the mind might flow? How much intention can I embody? And… what is the content of those intentions?

Marrying the wisdom of enlightenment—that all beings are braided together in a continuum, or whole—is the result (as in “fruit”) of compassion. Those who train to fully own themselves and realize their full potential will inevitably arrive at these understandings and aligned actions (praxis), because there is no avoiding them: they express a higher Truth, one that is obscured from lower orders of understanding, but one that cannot be misconstrued, ultimately. If one’s praxis is indeed autonomy and independence of being and of mind by developing a direct & scouring (honing) relationship to Reality, one cannot help but traverse to the limits of knowing, to uncover what is there to be known: that Reality is a continuum, splaying in all directions, of cause and effect. (How fortunate that the “edge” of liberation is the Oneness required for a system to know itself!)

In other words: if one has no master and is truly unconquerable, one will gradually attain a mastery of direct praxis—direct and sufficient relationship with All, which cannot avoid arriving at holistic/enlightened understandings (or, cognitive structures) and, in kind: efficient, loving-kind, peaceful behavior.

As environmental and societal systems degrade (and as degraded archaic social pattern-monsters such as slavery threaten to reawaken from slumber) it is imperative and urgent to train people to be self-sufficient and unconquerable, to be radically, resiliently free… not only so as to create conditions capable of resisting archaic patterns’ reemergence, but because free people care and tend to their contexts: a result of having gained integrative praxis experientially, and through a higher-order framework allowing the recognition of “other” as “self.” Free people will comprise an ideal cooperative culture/society.

<– This is the beautiful paradox; this is the “spilling over” of actualization ala Maslow’s pyramid,* this is the realization that the highest expressions of intelligence arrive at cooperative co-production of conditions optimizing for all, the quandary of realizing “no self” while still having a body-mind experience, and seeing that “all Self” is all the same! And acting thusly!

*Art by the author, based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

“Fractal praxis” is to acknowledge Big Self—oneness with whatever one encounters, and with whatever one recirculates/”puts out there.” No pattern I identify in my environment can I not find a parallel form (gross or subtle, manifest or implicit) in myself. Nothing without me is not also within me, if I can bring inclusive awareness to it. And therefore…

Therefore, I am as able to redirect, revise, remix said pattern as any force in the ‘verse whatsoever.

Mandelbrot Set Fractal - Supernova
As within so without, as above so below.
“”Mandelbrot Set Fractal – Supernova” by Dominic Alves on Flickr

To give illustrating example: Bombs are manifestations of the intent for high-intensity destruction–for de-structuring. Bombs are dropped only when some humans share a mind (or a morphic-field hypnotic-meme-attachment, perhaps) harboring and fostering the potential, the desiring, for the reproduction/proliferation of that pattern. A bomb has no identity, no “self,” apart from our making. It is a manifestation of desiring and fearing, an extension (technology) of humans’ minds. It is mind-made.
Anything mind-made can be mind-unmade.

To see through to root causes is a functional dismantling of the power of any particular, fleeting urge to dictate our actions, behaviors, responses. Those humans most actually powerful are, almost universally across cultures, those who seem generally steady, still, relaxed, undisturbed even in stressful circumstances–and yet alert, aware, perhaps even curious. These are humans who do not waste energy, whose actions are inspiringly elegant (if often shockingly potent.) Power comes from synchronization—alignment of body-mind-spirit, alignment of rhythms & demands within and around oneself (balance), and furthermore, alignment (non-resistance; living compatibly, cooperatively) with the forces and movements of the universe, capable of acting as One with the universe, even, due to this disciplined entraining of “being to world” resulting in holistic, exquisite alignment. Such alignment suggests the development of a cognitive structure most closely matching an ordered complexity of the world “out there;” as a result, this being seems to express minimal “mistaking”—minimal investment in lower order structures of meaning (such as autocratic movements, charismatic leaders, persuasive dogma, luscious art, terrible fears, etc.), instead at peace to be one with the flow of energy, simply.

By “higher orders” of understanding and capacity I mean the pervasive “seeing through” of our existential strata[2]The mind is quite like a muscle, and we can train it for “seeing through” the strata of direct experience to the embedded pattern-lessons of Life, until this practice becomes habituated, … Continue reading, including all details, but stacking and organizing information “from patterns to details.”

This is not a superiority concern—it is a capacity concern. A system with higher order has more capacity—access to outrageous energy, yet expressing low exertion, high efficiency—because there’s no need to waste effort of any kind, when one is at peace for & among & of the chaos of differentiation. (By way of an allegory, picture: a climax forest community—more “overall” stable and resilient, yet containing dense/voluminous/various orders/niches of species.)

To be at one with all is to be empty; to be empty means a willingness—and a capacity—to take any shape that suits the particular circumstances (and intention).
Nondualism liberates immense capability to be still (integrative!) even in the thick of intense divergent possibilities.
And right action (and its accompanying intention [“setting right”]) is action that aligns the world with itself, wasting no energy in the process.

All of this __________ is feedback loops,
multiple, multiplying,

God in an expanding universe (transparent version)
“God in an expanding universe” by Mark on Flickr


1 Life’s “highest order” i.e. most universal “want” is to increase order, synthesis, complexity: to increase negentropy. More about this, and about how humans are well positioned to wield this aim for themselves at this juncture in history, in my forthcoming book…
2 The mind is quite like a muscle, and we can train it for “seeing through” the strata of direct experience to the embedded pattern-lessons of Life, until this practice becomes habituated, effortless. (I believe I’ve traversed and know this way well now, and I am trying to map it, into a body of work called EPIST and also called “fractal praxis.”) If you’d like to support this work, tell me so here.