Prayer to All-Life (Mirroring Prayer)

written sitting among the waterfowl and plants at the edge of Barr Lake State Park, northeast of Denver, Colorado, 7-28-19

O world, thou am I.
As you are dying, so I am dying.
As you are living, so I am living.
O world, I wish them
right understanding.
Evolution is life’s praxis. Intelli-poetics in motion.
I wish they’d remember
the intrinsic intelligence in this realm.
And trace it back within
to their own
power to make amends.
Power to right ends.
Power to understand.

O world, thou I am,
as I am living so you are living
so use me
to serve their understanding
upend stagnant soil,
destroy foolish flows
and restore remembering.
Use me as a limb.
I shall be as arms and feet,
Your sovereign flesh.
What will it take
to multiply life?
What will it take
for us to assume the mantle of Creator
casting off the sole role of Destroyer?
Accepting the whole situation
as our own?
What will it cost?
Enoughness is a truth as much as a trap.
Complete yourself through me.
Use me to completion.

(This gift is ours
to share. Entire.)