Slurry of EPIST signals, on meta-directing functions of belief-believing

The electrical firing.
As micro, as organic, as the position of atomic particles
—– in our biological (calorie-based) and our computer (rare materials and electricity-based) hardware
—– we must concern ourselves
with directing what gets processed.
Where “attention” goes.
The channels, too, through which it flows.

In the West, a culture of individualism pits a distinct individual against a vague environment of “other.”
In the East, by the broader narrative of self as a smaller unit of a whole lineage, a temporary cell of a bigger Self,
a person could willfully sacrifice his own life quality, like by working in the breakdown and recapture of precious materials from old toxic computer processors, because his family lineage would benefit/be bettered through the fruits of his labors.
(Reincarnation belief, assurance of a good next life for a diligently good effort in this one, may be a factor, too, in the belief structure in operation.)
Individuals, however, don’t have any such assurance of meaning.
Why, if an individual fails, his whole life could be considered “wasted.” A waste of space and resources. Useless.
How many of us, taught to be “individuals,” feel grossly “wasted?”
And then there’s death, poof,
there goes the entire source and sense of meaning—the individual—into oblivion.

Both beings will die.
One of these beings will die with meaning.
Both beliefs can be held and operationalized (and in that sense are “valid”).
One of these beliefs is sustainable.

We must subscribe to stories Bigger than ourselves.
But which stories matter, hugely.
Appropriate sustainable stories to “invest” ourselves in (and through)
can be discerned by their effects on their followers—
that is, if one actually follows the precepts and guidelines for behavior set forth by the belief structure,
what conditions are generated? What is emphasized, what possibilities selected for? What results?

A living body heals itself.
Even a body born into toxic conditions.
Even a body without any instruction or guidance.
Will perform, and complete, its healing.
If you let it.

You let it
by allowing the inner whole,
sometimes referred to as Intuition or Integration,
–to do what it does.
To sort the signals, the noise.
To make its way, sometimes over years
to wholeness.

We in the West are phallically obsessed with Growth.
But what if Healing were what wanted to happen, really.
What if Healing–moving towards integration–is what truly refreshed, revitalized our lives,
every moment and across the years, accumulating beauty and wisdom in layers, and
kept our lives always interesting. Always worth showing up for. Lively.
Full of wonders.

I have empowered my Intuition.
Trusted it. Followed it.
And I have arrived at Healing.
What does that tell you?

Could I have come away with any other outcome?

Our healing is not complete.
So, I am not completely healed.
And I must rest only as much as I need to
in order to return to the integrating powers
I transmit through contact, be it via
touch, words, witness, prayer.

It’s OK to be just in it. Just confused.
A cacophony of signals, abusing the senses.
Tumbled on the tides of reactions to stimuli.
For now.

Maybe, choose to breathe.
Let your breathing, rather,
be conscious.
Stay there in the space for awhile.
Maybe see…
Maybe let
what happens next.