In praise of Now

Thank you, ancestors,
fellow humans, children yet to be born.
Let us be made of love.
No more waiting for permission.
No more waiting for “It” to arrive.
No more yielding Truth to mistruth.
No more yielding mending to disintegration.

No more waiting, for we are the ones
worth waiting, slaving, dying for. In us,
is everything we could need!
A satchel full of ways, and means,
full of lineages, overflowing with knowledge,
replete with our hopes and dreams…

like the winning numbers of a lottery being announced,
or an impending touchdown in football,
let the ancestors be screaming & keeling,
stomping up a storm, when they’re feeling
their deepmost embedded dream seeds
on the brink of being unearthed… and
on the brink of reaching fruition!

I am a healer of stories
and of groups/organizations.

I am an alchemist of ways,
processes, methods, means, patterns.

I am a doula to your continuous rebirthing
into higher accord with your Nature and purpose–
and your role in our liberation.

We are as mirrors
to our grandchildrens’ visions

We are as answers
to our ancestors’ prayers.