Curating your mind’s garden (growing joy)

You get to curate the garden of beliefs in your life.
Let us not worry about the abundance of love, nor of lovely forms to explore.
Who seeketh in the right ways, findeth what he is looking for.

Salvation is all around you.
Forms are channels of the sacred.
Stand in my flow–help me unblock obstacles.
And I in yours, and I too.
If you wish
(let us wash)
If you wish
(we may wash)
If you wish
(in holy flow)
If you wish…

So we subtly navigate the world
as a dreamer dreams her dream.

i am a gardener.
i’ve collected and i’ve planted seeds of words,
to see what meaning would be called into being.
i’ve watched them grow,
training, pruning, fertilizing my thoughts with diverse experiences.
offering gratitude to insight’s dawning light 
and the whole life-giving web of reality,
i softly study what they do…
removing the ones that spread toxicity
or just “won’t do,” 
don’t harmonize with my palette, don’t fit my tastes
aren’t compatible with the other thoughts
whose company well keeps me.

In the soil of my body-mind,
i’ve given space to certain thoughts 
that grow voraciously
blooming forth in recursive regenerative
feedback loops of action,
of harmonic agitation,
conducting myself toward and against 
the hypotheses of notions.

all this occurs inwardly. 

i have cultivated an inner garden of peace and plenty, fit to be inhabited. joyfully.
the shift requested and required of me now
is to take this present, artful, life-embracing sensitivity
and introduce it into others’ realms,
mesh the fresh new species in with the culture that’s there.
For no one else besides me yet quite dwells in depth with my inner garden, 
replete in its sparkling array of well-curated word-seeds 
and plentiful blossoms of refreshing wholesomeness.

None may see and delight in this magical grotto
except by a flicker of a true look in my eyes, the presence of an unwavering absorption, 
a stirring sense-enlivening phrase or turn of tongue…
(just) a little green glimpse through a key hole.
a secret garden.

but my joy, kept, is incomplete.
it must become others’ joy.

So i must cultivate others’ joy.

and there are no limits to this field.