Pressure-Cooked Refining Mind

Can a “dualistic” mind, or a mind that names/labels, be a mind that apprehends total understanding?

If I seem crazy, it’ll be because I claim mind that labels is not necessarily incongruous with mind that understands holistically (non-dualistically). That the process is one of sifting + restructuring, ever synthesizing an inner model of the world compatible, authentically, with experience, with karma and with arising. Form is emptiness, so pattern can be recognized in its proper place with space, and beings have every right to not only break through into so-called unconditional or unconditioned enlightenment, but also to r/vigorously readjust their mental model of meaning until unprecedented harmonization is experienced. The latter restructuring may best be situated as a result of the former “attainment,” but the point is–as consciousnesses, we are entitled to reveal our Buddha-nature, and as beings, we are entitled to harmonize sonorously with our environments, reducing the feedback loops of suffering through our wise presences, “enacting” wisdom automatically, optimizing for synergy + cooperation among living contexts.

Edges are most dynamic. Yet

applying attention

what cannot resolve?