Outrageous Sense-Making is our life line

I recently read Jonathan Franzen’s article summing up the hopelessness of effective intervention in climate change.

Yet I see… (so radical!)

What could change is how humans orient to and “digest” the feedback generated from their interactions. Changing the way we cognize it. Having been unable to do so, or rather, having been capable of denial (lying & dismissing real evidence) as beings… THIS is what’s led to our crisis: the function of the ignorance in our evolutionary consciousness.

I propose we can learn to read evidence baked into reality like imprints, dinosaur footprints outlining contact between patterns embedded in time-experience’s strata. Using our senses, and processing that information through APT (optimally adaptive) cognitive structures, we can redeem meaningfulness and move forward.

Wrong interpretations are epidemic–frankly, there is too much space for them. Too much breathing room afforded to memetic and cognitive structures that don’t feed back to any good, that offer nothing but polluting karma. Self-awareness breeds choice–breeds responsibility. No accountability UNLESS WE EMBODY IT. We must make constraints. And NOT from the top down. Bottom up. Constraints created by processing/clarifying feedback a body-mind receives, and returning enforcement of interpersonal standards and cultural behavior constraints to the people. The people too MUST network their learnings, immerse in them, to begin to sort and filter for common understandings and share innovations and techniques, coordinate tactics and strategies.

Point being: MORE rigorous learning, more information processing is needed by all, at all levels. It’s the only thing that’ll save us. Applying (and amplifying) our capacities for learning. Becoming our context’s stewards would exemplify willingness for constant learning and refinement, which is Life’s way. And she is our greatest pattern elder… still more intelligent than us… yet soon, through applying ourselves, we will meet her in eldership.

…Franzen is, however, saying “any action matters now” in a high feedback loop kind of way. He’s alluding to the praxis that emerges from being forced, however despairingly, to acknowledge the interconnection and overlapping of all factors. He is pointing to fractal praxis.