Foam bubble shadows

If the universe is like foam
It is our own bubbles through which we see
That temporarily, conditionally obscures other bubbles
from being seen.

Fleeting flaps, opalescent gaps,

Thicknesses. Tensions; unprocessed pains. 


Be careful what you attack. 
Be sure what you’re fighting. What the target is. What the beast is.
It might be yourself in a mirror. 
(Simply set ___back__, refracted in time’s media) 

It might be stronger than you. 
Have more power, more endurance, more cunning. 

Anyway, there is some debate
As to whether a skillful correction
Can ever be classified
An attack

Mistaking, you may
Denude not another of agency but
Degrade yourself.

Use your energy wisely
Is the mark of
The truly calm

The free