Simple Reiteration

You may experience confusion. 
(You may reiterate this confusion, expressing it externally into your environment.)

Struggling to see the truth in me.
My being itself may present
surprise and challenge to your norms of mind and story. 

Your condition is partially intentional on behalf of your oppressors. 
Outer and inner. 

In this moment. You may not be prepared to see the truth in me.
But you are equipped to.
Buddha nature is within you. 

The power to see things as they are.
The power to restructure yourself so as to experience no dissonance witnessing things as. they. are!
You touch this power. With training, 
You wield this power. 

This journey is your own. 
I am your ally, and peer,
Not your savior. 

But your experience
Of witnessing the truth in me
May save you.

Your suffering, your dissonance
Does not harm me
When I am inhabiting Buddha mind. 
I radiate invitation
To inhabit Buddha mind
In all directions. 

May I remember to
the invitation

So may it be.