Reclamation Time

We are morally obligated
to treat this compelled-rest period from “business as usual
as a portal between worlds
that will convey us across
to a radically self-realigned, 
reimagined and restructured future.

This is a Reclamation.
Of Earth, by Earth, for Earth.

As rebellion.

Let us rest, and reset.
Let us celebrate.
The machine has ground to a halt.
The ecosystems are restoring themselves.
The ways of natural beings rise again.

In this quiet, the way things want to be
rise to the surface.

A human culture can reflect this natural rising
of restoration. Can align with the moving on.
You are a wild being, too. And you also, now,
get to listen to yourself.
You get to remember yourself. Inch feeling
into the forgotten clumps of flesh.
Your fears, your dreams, your unconscious mind.
Let it rise. Let us let it rise again.

Media that has fed my soul this week:

“What Psychedelics Told Me About the Coronavirus”

Futurism by the eminent Vanessa German

“Living through the unveiling” – essential reading, truth-telling and vision-holding by the holy adrienne maree brown

“Beyond Pandemic” – Candi CdeBaca and Kerrie Joy featured on Beyond Denver podcast 

Time! to redistribute by Susan Raffo

We are morally obligated
to treat this compelled-rest period from “business as usual”
as a portal between worlds
that will convey us across
to a radically self-realigned, 
reimagined and restructured future.

This time. Between business-as-usual, and who-knows-what.

Is a portal.

It contains meshing bits of both worlds.
We traverse between them, tentatively.
Portals are edges, overlaps,
like where two ecosystems meet
and they are fertile with transformation
and possibility.

I am just beginning to open my mind
to how the world has been opened, raw, radically.

I’ll speak to a shape, an opportunity, I see
on the path ahead.

I’m now going to describe this at the highest pattern level I can. All names given are for the purpose of providing archetypal handles on the concepts, but are not to be attached to.

I see that we could reconfigure for increased essential circulation.

Some of us work (still, or more) in/post Covid-19. We are called the Workers.

Some of us can work, but cannot find paying work in/post Covid-19. We are unemployed, underemployed, gig workers. We don’t wish to go back to the status quo, which had already marginalized us. We are committed to participate in alternative economics that generate positive capital (non-financial) for our communities directly. We are called the Regenerators.

Some of us cannot work due to circumstances of our physical health liability in/post Covid-19. We must receive care from others, including grocery shopping, help around the house, etc. We are called Elders.

Workers perform necessary work. 
The economy has already begun to self-select for this level of operation: healthcare, food, utilities, construction… basically, whatever is needed to keep us functioning at a “minimum” as a society. Some new jobs will likely be created in/post Covid-19, such as online education and facilitation services, although these new economic opportunities will not amount to the joblessness caused by Covid-19 precautions.

(→ It is interesting to consider: in a matter of weeks, and for the purpose of saving as many human lives as possible, society has dropped down its activity to its most humble self-maintaining state. We now know that achieving this can be done, despite capitalists’ panic as they hemorrhage money in the stock market. To save many more human lives (by mitigating climate change), this same “new norm” could be (and, in terms of public health recommendations, likely will be) extended in time, during which foundation-laying work for the Regenerative socioeconomic system would be underway. This is why I’d like to classify the next 18 months as a “portal” between world orders.)

Regenerators are occupied, meaningfully and organically, by caring for Elders’ needs and other community-benefit desires and concerns. Regenerators are in-community producers: enhancing livelihoods and liveliness in place. Regenerators also occupy themselves by training for the trade skills that will be called for by the next economy, such as environmental scientists, renewable energy workers, healthcare professionals, farmers. They may be compensated by a mix of $ (funneled from Workers earning $) and/or alternative circular currencies that keep meaningful, essential local activities afloat. Furthermore, they could even obtain compensation from organizing grant or government monies, given that they are offsetting societal costs by organizing capacity to meet people’s needs in their own homes, elegantly and effectively: mitigating both material needs access, and social loneliness, fear and despair through forming relationships with their network of Elders. (Such connections would take place via human-to-human interaction, assisted but not dependent on Internet-based tools.)

Elders are valued in their intrinsic beingness and are supported regardless of their ability to recirculate resources into the community. However, Elders to their abilities may opt in to participate in Regenerative activities. They can receive training to offer either: computer-based regenerative-economy support roles (such as data QA, research, communications support, etc.) or garden/yard-scale food and medicine production roles. At later stages in this world-building, scientists could partner with the distributed capacities represented by people working to re-wild their yards and homes: for example, efforts to restore wild species populations by creating a test mix of conditions (of soil, plant, animal, etc.) in the yards (for example, structuring a yard or a street full of yards to incentivize the growth of specific fragile insect populations.)

← In the Making,
there will also be the Undoing.
The undoing and unraveling of 
such formerly-tightly-bound, coercive tethers as:
monopolized corporate control over economies, 
the population’s dependence (and thus, capacity to absorb economic violence directed downward by the elite)
the relevance of centralized capital and capitalism, etc.

All will have opportunity in this new framework.
In fact, all will have access to activities that offer increased meaningfulness to their lives.
We find meaning in playing a role valued by our community.
This new structure not only offers this, but requires this.
All will be mutually supported to find the best sacred role to play.
Fractally!! ← at the very least,
one can say “I made THIS little plot of Earth a little bit better for my descendents.”

And this is a kind of meaningfulness
the old order simply cannot claim to extend to us anymore.
Following their way can lead only
to the destruction of all living parts of the world and ourselves, all that makes life beautiful and worth living and not a desperate enslavement.

Time to diverge. 
Definitely the time to diverge.

Best when it’s meta: when it’s not just talk but embodied. Bringing us back into ourselves, synching mind and body for unprecedented wellness and vitality. (We fray the bond between mind and body when we only talk about our values, but don’t take the initiative to live them out.)

(Meta: I am picking up plastic trash along the bank of Chatfield Reservoir while penning this piece.)

This new structure and movement, it has to be something our whole bodies affirm.

The most energy-efficient societal structure is one that is designed and built from what wants to happen. (By contrast, the status quo consumed enormous quantities of energy (including emotional, ethic and psychic energy) coercing people and nature to yield to its demands.)

And our bodies will affirm this, if each participant is let to follow the signals of their heart,
to co-create meaning in dialogue with their community (other sovereign beings) to find their role and place.
If every person is treated as an integral component, free to sense-make how they can “come more alive,” equally able to change and be changed, encouraged to grow. 
(Incidentally: self-development is the only form of infinite growth that this society and planet cannot only sustain, but can foster!)

This is, really, as simple as whether the ultimate structure (and the path getting there)
let us follow our instincts and intuition, checking in with our relations throughout.

Capitalist interests have been working overtime to get us to ignore the signals coming from our body. To depend on their structures for our sustenance, even as they require us to be addicted to dissatisfaction and lack of self-actualization so that we’ll overconsume and overwork ourselves for the benefit of the capitalists.
Our exhaustion, our sickness, our depletion, our terror. 
They would like us to ignore those truth-feelings, while they colonize our minds, identities, souls, purposes with their parasitic gilded narratives.
That feeling that this economic order is marching us to our deaths, even as we increasingly rely on it for food, transport, shelter, etc.? 
Yeah, they hope you’ll ignore that. Indefinitely.

A system founded on, feeding on, requiring ignorance to survive
is not a system made for this world, for long.

In the current system, from infancy to death, we are incentivized to de-sensitize, to externalize any costs of our behavior (abuse) and internalize any profits (selfishness).
This is a losing game, because
Our bodies know the truth. 
And to follow it is a way back to sanity. 


Eventually, we will become self-aware of our power if we are following
natural (intuitive) order—order-ing.

Earth restoring herself through us. Not without us, with our participation.
After all, we can’t just keep letting her do all the heavy lifting!
Restoring herself (like she is now, while human presence withdraws and abates)
AND cleaning up after our messes.
We have to BEGIN helping her.

Even just to begin is enough for now.
We are in a new phase, that is simultaneously a beginning and an ending.
Let us grieve what is to be let go of, and focus our life-energy on what we begin now.
This time is, after all, a beginning of some patterns, made more vibrant
as the old patterns are ending (the old new world order), which will provide compost and free up space to the better world coming.

After all, there is much industrial society has afforded people in terms of quality of life: peace, plenty, wellness, etc. We don’t need to scrap all of our accumulated wisdom. For example: we need more health care workers in the world, not fewer! Same goes for public health workers, scientists, caregivers, etc. We just need to break the rigid clenching institutional structures that would keep funneling the planet’s life-energy and our inherent power to those bloated elite who neither deserve it nor wield it well.

Time is a cycle and time is the contour, history the surface we are ever walking over:
there is so much to know, and plenty of means to access knowledge now!
A society defining itself by its ignorance—its hefty power to ignore what it would rather ignore, to promote and distort what serves the elite and not the people—cannot long sustain on this Earth.
We either go down with this titanic ship of our civilization,
or we compost it from within, now, and from LOVE for what it had brought us—
we play compassionate “death doula,” demonstrating kindness no matter what—
we assert ourselves, we foster a gentle transition,
out of love, but: we all know: transition we must.

When I venture outdoors, like I did today: I’ve never been to this park (Chatfield). I barely even looked at it on a map. I didn’t have a plan. As it turns out, I couldn’t even easily find a route around the reservoir! But that wasn’t a problem at all.
I came here to encounter.
To meet and be met. By other forces and forms
in their processes of getting on with it.
Fundamentally, wild(er)ness is play.

Everything I’m saying here is true. 
The wrath of the Mother shall befall us if we don’t get on with it ourselves.
This quieting…
this distancing…
this re-strangening…
is but the beginning.
Things won’t go back to normal.

In part because we know
that old normal was not tolerable for much longer at all.

Come into this liminal space
to encounter. Wonder at what you may not have met yet,
even in the crevasses of your own mind and self.
Our being is a wonderland, ever-transforming.
May you remember yourselves as unbridled creation,
lest you miss the fertility and opportunity inherent
in moments of upheaval.

(Cultivate the basic goodness you find in the sweet fleshy tender flinching parts of you right now. Find the child-self who yearns for a beautiful world, and cries and shrinks back at the ravages of our times. Find her. She who remembers play and inhabits the ordinary outrageous joy of being alive. Find her. Don’t let her go.

Let everything else you are clinging to … go.)