moreover (nutritive sap is both substance and process)

There are these ancient patterns
these pathways of mind, of body
that we just keep walking
because we’re in love with them

a body walking a path
in company of outer and inner wilderness
is one of them

the blissing zing of a berry bitten
and suckled between taut teeth—
we owe this bliss ours pass down
from our primate ancestors
who owed their life to like
pleasure-giving pursuits

they followed such joy
lusted after such bliss
and we are the product
almost accidental
of pleasure making itself

we are the eagle soaring on air
for its pleasure
as has and did its kin
for generations

each revisiting, a recovering of home
each iteration, a reinvention

i am one with

when I call in my ancestors
my fellow beings, contemporaries,
human and non-human alike
to share in
celebrating aliveness
our identity is as community

beyond self
is no self
is …

____________________________into being
____________________________one rapturous
____________________________one blessed union

no pain
no — conditions
put on the
being here

kin and the making of, only

bless medicinal substances
and the people who steward them
for giving me the freedom within myself
that I am cultivating
(quite akin to the ripe cherries I sup)
every day

openness of mind, of spirit
i cannot now picture my face
nor would i want to
i am just vantage point
very flow of sensation
and that is the very point
of all this sense-making

what is the point of anything
we’re doing if it can’t
bring us home?

there is so much more confusion out there
than there needs to be
and it’s time to see clearly.
and this timeline is not off track
i know, this clock will keep time

in a being, in a nutshell

it is not only mythic/archetypal narrative potential
(the nut)
to be redeemed

it is freedom
(the breaking open)
to be redeemed

(for life)



1 amen!