I crossed over a threshhold, and am several miles into the new territory.
That of transformative relationship.

Made of courageous restructuring, reconditioning, really conversating
on the generative basis of our values.


Making magic through co-production of meaning.
Putting relationship first as the true source and nature of our wealth.


I’ve been jamming. Loads of fresh new meaningful work with clients.
Electric rapid responsive engagement around EPIST and fractal praxis.
And a new liberated love relationship that is sure to transform those shadowy edges of me.

No extra time at hand to write. So I will just share an excerpt of the outrageous luscious thinking I’m immersed in as I vibrate rapidly in communion with my visionary peers.

Recently, the 2020 social permaculture design course in Denver wrapped up. (Engage some of the fruits of that collective process here.)

But our slack channel remains active. And one of the participants, Kristina, posted this question:

“How do you find hope amidst climate and socio-political grief, when it all seems so grim?”

Sharing my response:

I have grappled with this matter a great deal for close to 20 years, and my response to our situation is always evolving, too. I stay sane today by focusing on how I can have the MOST meaning, the most impact, to my relations. Relations must include all the many layers, from my relationship to myself, to intimate friends, to family, and outwardly to community, and even further to society and ecologies.

An action I take today does affect a penguin in Antarctica right now, only, I cannot know how. Even though I cannot know directly, being as we are embedded in complex systems with increasingly disorganized feedback loops, I meditate on the numinous “braiding” of all beings together, and what lessons must be there. And what it looks like to be Whole, within myself and beyond myself, what it looks like to participate in Wholeness-making in communities, and what lessons are there. This helps bring me intuitive insights that guide my path, which I interpret (loosely) as being Gaia (collective all-being mind) interacting with me and guiding me in a desire-/meaning-concentrating feedback loop.

There is inherent cognitive dissonance to being a human at this time, as the age of the anthropocene deepens. Yet our role to play is sacred, no less than world-transforming. Yet wholeness making persists, just like a living body is built to, from the inside out, try to heal itself when wounded, given the chance. My theory is if we plug ourselves together in networks of the utmost meaning, growing and spreading the utmost good we can muster, we change the game, change the world, change lives. This social permaculture community is one such precious network of minds, talents, ideas, practices and models. I thrive in this soil, and I also keep trying to contribute nourishing amendments (of ideas, comments, modes) there. I believe that in communities of mutual growth (like ecological “guilds”) we thrive, and it is in abiding and advancing these such holistic or even “fractal” patterns that hold the key to “how to be.”