The world is breaking down. Why not you, too?

My latest poetic-invocational teaching offering:

I am committed to making more time for publishing videos and writings in the coming weeks. Fractal praxis and EPIST are growing on their own timeline and of their own merits, and are ready to break through the soil quite soon.

My radical Covid-era business experiment called Plenty Pact is facing rapid and wonderous growing pains—I invite you to follow along with the action on Patreon. And check out my (now fully online available) service offerings here.

I am calling in my community to engage in my offerings. Please do, in any and every way you feel called to. Whatever value that emerges shall be co-created and co-harvested.

Together let us be made whole and whole-making,
let us reclaim and recover our sacredness and be sacred-making,
let us be made of love and be love-making.