How I generate conversations that transform

this was written just after an especially liberating-ecstatic coaching session with a client through the Plenty Pact model.

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Conversations that transform. 
I produce them. 

(We produce them, through our braided unfolding cognition.
It is the very process of making meaning of things that I leverage for your liberation.)

Because I am carefully digging like an archaeologist
Meticulously, patiently feeling for, tugging at the patterns underlying
What a person is expressing (holistically) at this time. 

They are embodying-expressing an encoding, a patterning, a set of ways energy flows: an electrical evolving structure. 

And if I help them touch the code with mind, notice the pathways themselves, 
recoding can and may occur.

People walk away with transformed consciousness. Everyone gets a taste, at least, of what it feels like to hold the witnesser’s (archaeologist’s) tool in their hands for a few moments. 
That leverage, promise of increased creative freedom, becomes an addictive high. 
Rightfully so. Learning exponentially grows with meta mind. 
Because I see patterns and can help to give handles, get leverage, to change them.

By just seeing a thing from many aspects: whole and highly detailed. A mind-inclusive meta model I use.
The perspectives I guide to in conversation
Are or evoke: of how things “stack” (fit together) 

And may be worked with holistically,
In a suffering-diminishing way.

And my advice is fruitful. 
In numerous lanes or disciplines. 
Consulting. Coaching. Designing.

Fractal praxis/EPIST is my effort to distill my worldview into memes and techniques, articulated and published so as to begin to dissolve the bottleneck of my being’s capacity for interventions. 

My goal, via systems documentation, or through direct dialogic engagement (coaching, consulting, etc.), is to free you to embody holistic praxis, eventually disseminating adaptive interventions-capacity to all beings who could benefit. 

To repattern or recode you, for greater agency and greater harmony with all systems encompassing you and conspiring with you to evolve.