Complexity is to making sense (reconciling our senses with this reality)

Note: Thank heavens and hells that we are here, we made it. Borne through of the wide eyes to bear witness, though nearly blinded in the shock. We have crossed the nominal horizon into the timescape 2021 by the skin of our teeth. And yet there’s much more to come, ahoy. Hope this era hardens our plushy flesh like a callous so we can move through worse with as yet rougher grace. I am at peace to simply be here with you, bearing witness; how outrageous this spread of being, being a speck, a witless part of it all. Alight with wit, not light of it: in the prophetic tradition, I haven’t forgotten about this little pocket pet flame of a blog. It burns, however untended, it beckons, however distant. Only Fate could rekindle the signal to something more than a dull mute snuff. Epic reconciliatory surgence is emergent ever amongst us. Together we rise to the top of the wave, to achieve and steer our fates—or let it be known, we rise not at all. So defines this era. So outlines this note.


There is only one way that this makes any sense

and that is if

the complexity we enjoy now

is just a horizon, a bridge

to even greater complexity


that is

if we make it make sense


if we come to know our true natures

then we can weave that greater complexity into being


there is only one way

an infinitely diverging, singular way


that not all of where we’ve come from, not all of life as we know it

is squandered.