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  • The Time to Do Right By Ourselves

    “There is always time for the right work to be accomplished.” – overhead at a social permaculture gathering (source forgotten) This morning I was working on generating a job description for myself as CEO (at least within the constraints of the “Get Real” phase, between where we are now with Cosmos and a “Level 1″ […]

  • Secret Virtue and Those Change-Lovin’ Ways…

    SLOGAN: “Everything according to its nature.” But you can change your nature.And you need to, and know how to, if you’re on ship Liberation Ho. I cannot write a complete post as fast as life comes at me. I still do not have a working camera on my phone–or, any digital camera for that matter, […]

  • Titles, Patterns, and the Unnamed in a Career of Cooperative Praxis

    Name what it is you do In my circa eight years working in the field of consulting to startup co-ops, I’ve never been quite sure how to label what I do. I often squirm when asked that standby cocktail question “what do you do?” because depending on the day or month or year, it looks […]

  • What is fractal praxis?

    “In a fractal conception, I am a cell-sized unit of the human organism, and I have to use my life to leverage a shift in the system by how I am, as much as with the things I do. This means actually being in my life, and it means bringing my values into my daily […]

  • Welcome to Cosmos.Earth

    Hello, world! Yesterday, an Easter. Today is an Earth Day. And today is a day we launch a new little thing on the world wide web, a blip named Cosmos.Earth. Yet, where are we on the face of the clock of the world? What time is it? (Could it really be that late?) Who are […]

    Welcome to Cosmos.Earth