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  • The world is breaking down. Why not you, too?

    My latest poetic-invocational teaching offering: I am committed to making more time for publishing videos and writings in the coming weeks. Fractal praxis and EPIST are growing on their own timeline and of their own merits, and are ready to break through the soil quite soon. My radical Covid-era business experiment called Plenty Pact is […]

  • untitled

    I crossed over a threshhold, and am several miles into the new territory.That of transformative relationship. Made of courageous restructuring, reconditioning, really conversatingon the generative basis of our values. Making magic through co-production of meaning.Putting relationship first as the true source and nature of our wealth. I’ve been jamming. Loads of fresh new […]

  • I taste the fear on the air, fear of a worsening tomorrow.

    I wrote this to self-soothe during an emotionally nauseous couple of hours yesterday. Seemed well received on Facebook, where I posted it initially, so am capturing it here. Today (yesterday’s tomorrow), by contrast, I am feeling so relieved and heartened to see all the ways these protests are winning: hearts and minds, action from mayors […]

  • moreover (nutritive sap is both substance and process)

    There are these ancient patternsthese pathways of mind, of bodythat we just keep walkingbecause we’re in love with them a body walking a pathin company of outer and inner wildernessbreathingis one of them the blissing zing of a berry bittenand suckled between taut teeth—we owe this bliss ours pass downfrom our primate ancestorswho owed their […]

  • I’m afraid we have forgotten to grieve and could lose ourselves in hate

    I’m afraid we have forgotten to grieve and could lose ourselves in hate I’m afraid peopleWill be grievingBut they will experience it as rageand turn to funnels for violenceBecause they dont know howTo admit the woundSo big, so achingIt defines their whole lifeLoss of loved onesCompounded by loss of right relationsLoss of holinessThe unacknowledged lossesBuried […]