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  • Reflections on the #runwithmaud walk today

    To not have the self-reflection to wonder why it is that all young black men seem to be “fitting the description.”  To not have the self awareness thatout of your fearyou summoned a family memberarmed yourself with multiple gunsand proceeded to hunt down an individual extra judicially on suspicion of a completely unrelated-to-you crime. Alleged crime. There are so many layers […]

  • Living the art of (patterning)

    We are the semi-conscious carriers of patterns. Those we can wield, with sentient mind, we can redeem. Those we cannot wield, we lose ourselves to. When I use big words it’s because they are the right ones.When I invent words, it’s because they are needed.I’m not trying to sound smart. I’m not trying to make you […]

  • A cosmos of being together: iteration and improvement on social media platforms through cooperative design

    Pre-reading: The last sentence… “mistaking imposters for friends.” Oof! Powerful. I’ve made this mistake before. Because I approach everything with authenticity, I am prone to the mistaken assumption that everybody I interact with is similiarly oriented. It’s a cognitive bias, and I’ve been burned by it. Authenticity in others seeming unattainable (or unsustainable) in […]

  • Reclamation Time

    We are morally obligatedto treat this compelled-rest period from “business as usual“as a portal between worldsthat will convey us acrossto a radically self-realigned, reimagined and restructured future. This is a Reclamation.Of Earth, by Earth, for Earth. Relax.As rebellion. Let us rest, and reset.Let us celebrate.The machine has ground to a halt.The ecosystems are restoring themselves.The ways […]

  • Simple Reiteration

    You may experience confusion. (You may reiterate this confusion, expressing it externally into your environment.) Struggling to see the truth in me.My being itself may presentsurprise and challenge to your norms of mind and story.  Your condition is partially intentional on behalf of your oppressors. Outer and inner.  In this moment. You may not be prepared to […]