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  • Foam bubble shadows

    If the universe is like foamIt is our own bubbles through which we seeThat temporarily, conditionally obscures other bubblesfrom being seen. Fleeting flaps, opalescent gaps, Thicknesses. Tensions; unprocessed pains.  Shadows. Be careful what you attack. Be sure what you’re fighting. What the target is. What the beast is.It might be yourself in a mirror. (Simply set ___back__, refracted […]

  • The Weave Tightens

    I celebrate and exaltthe feedback loopsthat point me toward contextsready to receive and to witnessmy brilliance unfettered.How like the release of a dam,my particular and true vibration can flow again,no longer urged into inadequate and ill-fitting channels for it.When I let go of the right attachment.And submit once more to flow.And gently rising accomplishment.Exhale. Breathing […]

  • Outrageous Sense-Making is our life line

    I recently read Jonathan Franzen’s article summing up the hopelessness of effective intervention in climate change. Yet I see… (so radical!) What could change is how humans orient to and “digest” the feedback generated from their interactions. Changing the way we cognize it. Having been unable to do so, or rather, having been capable of […]

  • A Pinch of Training Words

    Let my wisdom come roaring down upon their heads like thunder! Let them find their meekness, their mistakenness, their misplacedness, in my gaze. Every day I traverse to the edge of what I can integrate. Every day I am more fully alive. May this way become everybodybelong everybody … Footholds. I must produce footholds in […]

  • Pressure-Cooked Refining Mind

    Can a “dualistic” mind, or a mind that names/labels, be a mind that apprehends total understanding? If I seem crazy, it’ll be because I claim mind that labels is not necessarily incongruous with mind that understands holistically (non-dualistically). That the process is one of sifting + restructuring, ever synthesizing an inner model of the world […]