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  • Holding the center

    I was born before anything could be done,and yet it was already too late. I must believe in myself. I have scant other options.To believe in myself, to hold myself in awe, tenderness & reverence, feels paramount.To become integration. and. not. resistance.To let the weak, tired old self trickle off unseen like dead skin.Prayer. & […]

  • Gnosis Praxis

    When folx ask me “what I write”I never know what to say.Because, in truth, I write to understand.I read to understand.I read circumstances. I intuit the shape of subtle pattern imprints.I write, and the writing gropes to match words with experiences.I don’t wanna make you feel or even think anything in particular.I wanna make you […]

  • Curating your mind’s garden (growing joy)

    You get to curate the garden of beliefs in your life.Let us not worry about the abundance of love, nor of lovely forms to explore.Who seeketh in the right ways, findeth what he is looking for. Salvation is all around you.Forms are channels of the sacred.Stand in my flow–help me unblock obstacles.And I in yours, […]

  • In praise of Now

    Thank you, ancestors,fellow humans, children yet to be born.Let us be made of love.No more waiting for permission.No more waiting for “It” to arrive.No more yielding Truth to mistruth.No more yielding mending to disintegration. No more waiting, for we are the onesworth waiting, slaving, dying for. In us,is everything we could need!A satchel full of […]

  • Doing what (is wanted) all the time

    “But life can’t just be about doing what you want!” they’ll protest. Why not? When there’s No Time Left to entertain any less beautiful alternatives. It’s worth a shot, eh? And, what if those signals, yearnings, pulls at the center of us, are there for a reason? Are an extension of Living’s praxis… an organic, […]