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  • Language of life is lessons (love is bliss of learning)

    Written on a bench nearby Golden Gate Park and Baker Beach, after traversing ~2 miles on well-trod trails along the north and west coast of the San Francisco peninsula, up and down craggy cliffs, to soft beach sand staring out at infinite Pacific seas, to gravel trails up steep hills, and across the abandoned concrete […]

  • Slurry of EPIST signals, on meta-directing functions of belief-believing

    The electrical firing. As micro, as organic, as the position of atomic particles—– in our biological (calorie-based) and our computer (rare materials and electricity-based) hardware—– we must concern ourselveswith directing what gets processed.Where “attention” goes.The channels, too, through which it flows. In the West, a culture of individualism pits a distinct individual against a vague […]

  • Confession, submission, conspiration with self-arising Gifts-giving

    For more than half of my life, I have been in a rapt, intimate relationship, one more fulfilling and meaningful than almost any other. This relationship is not with another being, oddly enough. It’s with my own mind, expressed through my hand, pen, and paper. It’s a relationship amplifying my contemplative capacities, valorizing my sensitivity, […]

  • Some things I was sitting with and then I wrote them

    I am highly self actualized. Only, I cannot get you to seeWhy I want what I want, and have. You see, I am just a person.A person’s needs are slim.I have them. All I want is the whim.To sit, process and distill insights.All my life of days, let live. The fruits of my inner laborCould themselves lead […]

  • Prayer to All-Life (Mirroring Prayer)

    written sitting among the waterfowl and plants at the edge of Barr Lake State Park, northeast of Denver, Colorado, 7-28-19 O world, thou am I.As you are dying, so I am dying.As you are living, so I am living.O world, I wish themright understanding.Evolution is life’s praxis. Intelli-poetics in motion.I wish they’d rememberthe intrinsic intelligence […]