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  • Training for Wielding

    I was having a hard time falling asleep two nights ago. Due to some minor strange omens, big engrossing good and bad dreams, the vibrating legacy of big bad trauma, and of course, some old school frenemies in the form of bad habits. Staying up late, mind vague and abuzz, I began reviewing some of […]

  • Liberation of the Whole (Fractal Praxis Infiltrates)

    When the objective phenomena around usseems to chime in, serendipitously, to our very thoughtsthis is the universe in poetry.It is not that my “fractal praxis” way is more True. What I am acknowledging, however, is radical (roots) and profound (heavens)—bridging them. I am saying we humans are not the only meaning-makers, in some kind of […]

  • The effervescence of sense-making agency

    There may be things happening to/for methat my rational mind can’t explain Hence the strong areas of struggle lately It is trying to repress mefrom natural action The self is the instrumentbut not of dictators  All beings want to be free  The veil is so thin – those in power todo violence can slough it […]

  • We are our word to each other

    We are our word to each other. — Who you are inside will forever be a mystery to all. All but yourself (by the power of self-awareness) and even that’s an incomplete understanding. Influences that you’ve trained yourself to collect and your method, too, for harvesting good may forever be obscured. They were not there. […]

  • The Chapter Closed (part 2)

    I get to have total acceptance now. It’s beyond yet whole. I’m complete, and this extends in all directions. Past & future. It envelopes all. I’ve come to the end of the book about Caroline Savery, or really: of the utility and need for investing belief-energy into a unique/separate self-idea. That story is done, swallowed […]