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  • The Text We Traipse (part 1)

    I always felt that I was born for a purpose.A deep chord sounding at the base of the track of my life.Percolating up in the strong sense of the importance of my doing. Doing, going forth, accomplishing, evermore.  It seems as clear as a delightful belllike the button tying up the ending of a multidimensional story,that […]

  • Earth as my Witness

    What if I could touch you like an earth mudra? What if you were in fact Earth,and I’m life, laying my love into your skin? What if I were Earth,and my support were just everything you need all over again? What if we touched as medicine,and also didn’t touch as medicine? Collapse onto meand test […]

  • I get to beautify existence through my being. And no one can stop me.

    Yesterday I underwent a self-guided revelation that I am only too happy to share. Yesterday was a day off. I had wanted to take a generic trip, a retreat to one of any wilderness parks nearby, to dwell in contemplation and write. But something about that felt “tired,” like it was a lazy habit for […]

  • I feel powerful when I wear all black

    written 4/6/19 (three months ago to the date) Journal, hear me.Here me. I feel powerful when I wear all black.Like I am saturated with grieving.Like I am ready to use any means necessary.Like you can see my shadowBetter than you can see me. I am choosing this. am. Universe-is-me.CRAxYizme. [1]The author’s first AOL instant messenger […]

  • our meaning and its making, an eternal golden braid

    Is is to is as was is to was is a story. Chaining meanings together. We were built for this. If i make an accurate prediction now, it’s just a nod and a wink for me.Why “psychic” is a tongue in cheek label I’ll own and disown, even as I bite my cheek at science’s […]