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  • [2/1001]

    Dear reader, whoever, wherever, and whenever you are—I am imagining you out there, reading these words. You are a real person. I am a real person. Can you picture me, sitting here at my desk, in my small studio, surrounded by papers and books, typing into my laptop? For whom? I am not 100% sure […]

  • To Write 1001 Blog Posts in the Next 3 Years [1/1001]

    This may turn out to be just another foolish idea I’ve concocted because I feel that I need to fill the time, space, or emptiness of my soul—we’ll see how long it lasts—but the concept is simply as stated in the title. Over the next three years, ending on December 1st, 2025, I intend to […]

  • Complexity is to making sense (reconciling our senses with this reality)

    Note: Thank heavens and hells that we are here, we made it. Borne through of the wide eyes to bear witness, though nearly blinded in the shock. We have crossed the nominal horizon into the timescape 2021 by the skin of our teeth. And yet there’s much more to come, ahoy. Hope this era hardens […]

  • Fractal Praxis and Covid-19, Pt. 3: Choosing for Holistic Pattern Improvement

    –Check out parts 1 and 2 of this series here first.– I admit this term “fractal praxis” may seem vague, as I advocate for engaging with any issue at “the pattern level.” And that can mean a vast range of possible shapes of behavior. And that’s because we’re dealing with whole systems.  Yet this is […]

  • Fractal Praxis and Covid-19, Part 2: Enacting Belief, Encoding Histories

    In the first piece in this series on managing Covid-19 responses in accordance with fractal praxis, I wrote: “In the midst of uncertainty, the best medicine is an all encompassing strategy. What general patterns will tend to reduce unwanted outcomes?” Ultimately what patterns you choose to include and disinclude in your lifestyle reflects your beliefs. […]