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  • How I generate conversations that transform

    this was written just after an especially liberating-ecstatic coaching session with a client through the Plenty Pact model. set up an exploratory session with me if you are yearning for dialogue that transforms. *** Conversations that transform. I produce them.  (We produce them, through our braided unfolding cognition.It is the very process of making meaning of […]

  • How to stay sane and grounded amidst climate catastrophe and civilization dissolution

    Recently a comrade in the social permaculture design space posted a message asking for guidance, particularly belief and perspective frameworks, that make it feasible to avoid total engrossing despair at the state of the world and the climate. How can we keep motivated, how can we keep going? Especially when ourselves or our loved ones […]

  • let us be made of love

  • The world is breaking down. Why not you, too?

    My latest poetic-invocational teaching offering: I am committed to making more time for publishing videos and writings in the coming weeks. Fractal praxis and EPIST are growing on their own timeline and of their own merits, and are ready to break through the soil quite soon. My radical Covid-era business experiment called Plenty Pact is […]

  • untitled

    I crossed over a threshhold, and am several miles into the new territory.That of transformative relationship. Made of courageous restructuring, reconditioning, really conversatingon the generative basis of our values. Making magic through co-production of meaning.Putting relationship first as the true source and nature of our wealth. I’ve been jamming. Loads of fresh new […]