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COSMOS is a cooperative community devoted to the arts, literature, education, and the evolution of integral values for a planetary age.

Our members host conversations, publish books, teach courses, lead workshops, and create collaborative media that explore the nature of consciousness and the big questions of metaphysics, cosmology, spirituality, language, and society within the context of our emergent global crisis.

Through our explorations, we re-interpret what is and re-imagine what can be, aspiring to visionary futures and collectively desired outcomes.

Our Vision

We see a world of infinite possibility where all people are able to creatively develop themselves, do their best work, and live good lives in collaboration with the whole.

Our Mission

We aim to transform the world through transforming ourselves, and transform ourselves through transforming the world—to work with nature and bring artistry to everything we do.

Our Madness, and Methods…

To nurture radical education and authentic self-expression, we cultivate conscious community and a cultural environment that brings out the best in us all. This includes practices of spiritual contemplation, mindful communication, and social dreaming, as well as cooperative economics and fractal self-governance (incorporating elements of Sociocracy).

Our digital platform includes:

  • Cosmos.coop – this website, which is the official source for public information about the co-op, as well as an event calendar and member dashboards for activities across the co-op (coming soon)
  • Infinite Conversations – our community forum, where we put our minds together to inspire brilliant thought and coordinate cooperative action
  • Untimely Books – our print publishing imprint, featuring authors who are members of Cosmos
  • Metapsychosis – an online and (soon to be) print journal dedicated to the interplay of literature, consciousness, and art, which includes the Readers Underground and Writers Underground community spaces.
  • LitCoin – a community currency in development which will serve as a form of internal accounts for members (in development)
  • Cosmos.Earth – a personal publishing platform for Cosmos members (in development)
  • Cosmos.social – a decentralized social micro-blogging server (experimental / Mastodon instance)

In addition, we host a long-term philosophical discussion series called the Cosmos Café , which is dedicated to collaborative dialogue, intellectual improv, and making sense of contemporary issues in a convivial atmosphere. Check out our archives, and also drop us a line if you’d like to suggest a topic or guest, join in, or start your own Café.

We also occasionally host in-person poetry events on the Colorado front range, and look forward to doing more live events and gatherings (wherever there are Cosmos members) as the co-op grows.

Our Values

Cosmos is for all people. We value curiosity and open-mindedness, plurality and inclusion, and the freedom to be and fully express oneself, while respecting (letting be) and giving others the space they need to do the same. At the same time, we seek to manifest profound artistic work together, with compassionate energy, which requires collaboration of the highest order, a quest for excellence and a sense of responsibility to one another, with attention to qualities as much as (or even more than) quantities: people before profit, love before power.

As life-long learners, we welcome new voices and perspectives into the co-op from all walks of life and places on Earth. How can we cohabitate upon this beautiful planet, peacefully and productively, in virtual perpetuity? How can we heal social strife and ecological disaster before it’s too late? As human beings, how can we go from being purveyors of mass extinction to artists of co-existence? And what lies beyond us as humans?

These are the kinds of questions we are seriously—and playfully—asking in Cosmos, each of us in our own ways and with our own styles of questioning. In Cosmos, we dynamically hold a vision of diversity and unity, multiplicity and oneness, transparency and mystery, eternal evolution and the crucial urgency of now, as an emergent integral society for the brave new age which is upon us.

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