Launching the Key Docs Project

Announcing the Key Docs project, an opportunity for the community to influence the story & shape of

Last week, on, we published the first installment of a set of writings that Marco V Morelli and Caroline Savery developed over the course of the past 16 months, encapsulating all of their best thinking about what Cosmos is: from the theoretical to the tangible, from the design principles to business model. Called the “Key Documents” or Key Docs for short, the first batch of writings covers the Who, What and Why of Cosmos. Future installments will cover business strategy, business model, market, operations, and more.

Learn more about the Key Docs project here

Members and community stakeholders are encouraged to get involved by critically engaging with these documents.

Visit the home page to explore the Key Docs now!

How to engage:

1) Provide feedback. Each document page is connected to the forum for discussion. The discussions by our members and community will inform and affect future versions of the content. Please comment on the forum!

You can also share your feedback by joining our weekly meet-ups on Wednesdays at 3:30pm MT (starting this week!) In these meet-ups, we will tackle one or two documents at a time, exploring, critiquing and amending the content as a community. The talks would be captured and added to the conversation emerging on the forum for posterity. Learn more, see upcoming topics, and sign up to attend a meet-up our Events page.

By engaging with these pieces on the forum or in meet-ups, you can play a formative role in shaping what Cosmos becomes. ((Going forward, this content would become embedded in Cosmos’ codex, or canonical documentation. The Codex would dictate the implementation of any policies and norms for the entire platform. Read more about the proposed extended process here.))

2) Share with your networks. By sharing these pieces with interested peers, you can enhance our community of contributors for even more marvellous results. Please invite anyone who you think might be interested in following or participating in what we are doing!

3) Volunteer to support. We need conversation facilitators (to boost member engagement and support productive conversations), social media/communications support, and more. Contact if you are interested in “leveling up” your involvement in Cosmos!

Have any questions, comments or suggestions? Please comment below to start the conversation. Thanks!